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Hebei topun Petrochemical Engineering Co. Ltd was formerly known as Shijiazhuang Petrochemical Design Institute, established in 1974, the former belongs to Sinopec group company of Shijiazhuang refinery, July 2004 successfully converted into a limited liability company. Now has issued by the State Ministry of housing and urban rural construction of chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical industry, petroleum refining engineering and chemical products of professional design qualification certificate issued by the national development and Reform Commission and the petrochemical, chemical, petroleum and natural gas industry class engineering consulting certificate. Hold the certificate of class a member of the Sinopec engineering construction market resources (survey and Design), China Petroleum Engineering Construction Market Access Certificate (2011- II -0868). With the State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine issued by the GA2, GB2, GC1, GD1 class pressure piping and A2, A3 class pressure vessel special equipment design permits. Now holds the GB/T19001/ISO9001 quality system certification, GB/T28000/OHSAS18001 occupation health and safety management system and GB/T24001/ISO14001 environmental management system certification. The company has strong technical strength, professional set of complete, sophisticated technical equipment, has an independent commitment to large-scale petrochemical, chemical, oil and gas engineering design and consulting services. The company's existing staff of 158 people, of which the designer has 68 senior titles, intermediate grade 41, with the national register of chemical engineering qualification of 8 people, 2 people registered electrical engineer, registered structural division 2, two class division 1 people, 1 people registered architect, two architects 2 registered consulting, division 9, Division 2 the number of registered certified cost engineer. Has engaged in chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas storage and transportation, pressure vessels, construction engineering, electrical instruments and other professional design work of technical personnel.
      The company downsizing, personnel capable, market under the production planning department, development department, technology department, management department, asset management office. Equipped with professional technology, equipment, automatic control, water supply and drainage, fire protection, electrical factory installation, telecom, thermal engineering, HVAC, building, structure, economy and technology, transportation, quality and technology etc.. Has a number of chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas storage and transportation, pressure vessels, construction engineering, electrical instrumentation and other professional designers.
      The company has advanced enterprise class InterNET/intraNET computer gigabit network, engineering design application software system, project management software system and database. The integrated application system based on local area network, engineering information management as the core, project management as the main line, design and management integration is realized.
      The company can undertake engineering consulting, engineering design, project contracting, equipment inspection and other services, ranging from business and technical advisory services, technology transfer and joint development, project proposal, fund application report and feasibility study report, engineering design, equipment.
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